Male voice-over artists and voice-talents

We provide voice-over services of best male voice-talents and voice-actors In your disposal are more then 60 inhouse male narrators.

Charisma meaning energy and strength manifests itself to the full in a male narrator’s voice. Why not to use it to your ends? Your audio product will reveal all the power of Yang sounding either heartfelt or inviting but brightly in any case.

This service is rendered by only professional voice talents. 2voiceover agency guarantees the best choice of male narrators and voice-talents covering a wide range of timbers and intonations. Besides, we have a catalogue of native narrators to voice-over your scripts in any language.
Female voice-over is widely used in on-hold telephone messages, commercials, advertising on radio and TV, corporate narrations, video-games and e-learning projects. Male voice-over are used in the same directions but where woman's voice give the listener feeling of relaxation, motherly warmth - only man voices can convey assurance, professional attitude and deep understanding of the subject. So, we can suggest using male voice-overs in more technical scripts.

The procedure of ordering a male voice-over recording

All of our male voice-talents are professional full time narrators. Our voiceover studio has a great variety of male voices varying in timbre and potentialities. For 5 days since the file was sent to the customer we provide a 100% guarantee on the file quality. Our studio is prepared to correct any faults, inaccuracies, mistakes made by a voice talent free and in no time, provided the customer has not made any changes in the initial order. Besides, our on-line catalog contains a wide selection of native speakers in many foreign languages.

How to put a task for recording a male voice correctly?
  • 1. Select a voice talent.
  • Listen to the male voices. Choose the voice you prefer relying on demo samples. When making an order, refer to that demo sample file and the style which should be reproduced.
  • 2. The scritps for recording by a male voice-talent.
  • The text or script for recording should comply with all requirements and contain no words with variable pronunciations. The guarantee covers only the orders made in accordance with the rules.
  • 3. Defining the scope of work for male voice recording
  • Recording a male voice-talent envisages sending to the customer the whole recording session for subsequent self-arrangement. If you want additional works with the file, specify them. By additional works we mean the following:
      - file cleaning;
      - file processing according to TV or radio standards;
      - arrangement according to time-codes;
      - combining voice file and music.
    Each additional work is assessed separately on examining the order.

    4. Drawing up the order. Remote direction
    Apart from the text, the order should include the style of reading with the reference to the demo file. If the customer wants to have certain punctuation or intonation points to be stressed, it should be specified in the order.

    5. Direction by phone, Skype, Viber, Whatsup, other messengers
    Remote cooperation imposes a number of specific restrictions which are eliminated through live communication with the voice talent on the phone, Skype, Viber, Whatsup and others. Though in most cases all requirements can be presented in writing, we can also arrange “live” sessions. But this kind of direction can be arranged only with certain male voice talents and is paid separately. On the average, in this case the fee is doubled.

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