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Voice-over service

An order for recording the voice of the announcer can be issued through the form online order or by sending an application in any form to studio email.

The service includes:
  • Record text with selected narrator
  • Sending a file of the entire recorded voice session to the client in the required audio format for self-editing
Not included in the service:
  • Cleaning and processing the voice of the announcer
  • Any editing, cutting into files
  • Working with timecodes and fitting to the required duration
  • Mixing with music
  • Diversion of rights for digital or TV platforms
Number of takes:
  • Texts up to 80 words are dubbed by Russian and Ukrainian language speakers in the amount of 1-3 takes
  • Foreign announcers - 1 take
  • Texts exceeding 80 words - 1 take
  • For texts more than 500 words, the studio provides a free test recording of a text fragment to agree on the reading style
Narrator's fee can be increased if:
  • The text contains more than one advertising message, slogan, brand, trademark, promotion, service, address
  • Texts containing individual phrases, broadcast design elements, IVR samples, autoresponder messages, phrases for dubbing or lipsing, etc.
  • The text is of a political nature, advertising of alcoholic beverages, gaming services, erotic services, services of fortune-tellers, psychics, etc.

Foreign voice-actor

The description for a foreign narrator is identical to the standard one, however, since the Russian language is unfamiliar to the native narrator, the following nuances should be taken into account when placing an order.

  • Directions remarks must be submitted in English or in the native language of the speaker you order.
Audio Guides:
  • If the script contains words in a speaker's native language, then audio guides should be provided (an example of the correct pronunciation of such a word in audio format). We also draw your attention to the fact that even the presence of an audio guide does not in any way guarantee that a foreign narrator will be able to pronounce a word in a language that is not native to him without an accent or with correct stress.
    The reading pattern should be either
  • from the demo announcer itself
  • in his native language
  • in English
  • The reference in Russian cannot serve as an example, since its melody is completely unfamiliar to a foreign voice-talent.

Please note: if you have any difficulties with placing an order for a native speaker, we will help you and after the approval and agreement of the TOR, we will give it to the voice-talent.

Directions and comments

Note! In order for your order to be completed without errors, the text for voice acting must comply with the following design rules:

Stress syllables:
Indicate stressed syllables in foreign words, proper names, trade marks, etc.
  • Correct:
    New collection from the BogAcho empire.
  • Invalid:
    New collection from the Bogacho empire
Abbreviations, foreign words
If there are abbreviations, foreign words, decipher them and write foreign words in Russian.
  • Correct:
    Opel Shopping Center
  • Invalid:
    Opel shopping center
Write down the phone numbers and addresses as they should sound.
  • Correct:
    Phone: thirty, zero sixty seven, one hundred three, forty, twenty; Internet address: triple double over dot com.
  • Invalid:
    Phone 30671034020, Internet address www.2voiceover.com


In order for your script to be executed exactly according to your wishes, the narrator needs to clearly understand with what manner of reading he should read the text. There are the following options for setting a task for the announcer

Sample Reading Style

Best option:
Indicate which fragment of the demo of the selected speaker provided on the site suits you as a reference.
  • Result:
    The voice-talent will do your job exactly with his demo.
  • Warranty:
    100% quality guarantee.
Valid option:
If no fragment of the presented demo narrator suits you, then why did you decide that the selected announcer can cope with the task at hand? The studio can always send additional demo recordings of the required speaker. If you are sure that the voice-actor can complete the task, then you need to send an example of the required reading style.
  • Result:
    The announcer will fulfill your order in accordance with his capabilities, relying on the provided reference.
  • Warranty:
    The warranty covers only grammatical and punctuation errors.
Describe the required style of performance in words.
  • Result:
    The announcer will fulfill your order in accordance with his capabilities and relying on his own understanding of subjective wishes.
  • Warranty:
    The warranty covers only grammatical and punctuation errors.

Please note that a 100% guarantee of stylistic performance of the task is possible only if there is an agreed reference from the portfolio of the selected speaker. Any clarifications or examples sent after your order is completed will be considered as part of a new assignment with additional payment.


If there are certain fragments in the script that require emotional coloring, bright / calm / expressive readings, they must be explicitly indicated in the script. You can select certain fragments / pauses as follows:

"Voiceover studio [short pause] 2voiceover provides [highlight] an impeccable service for recording the best announcers on planet Earth. All you need to do is to pay a little attention to the design of the task for the announcer . Your wish [pause] and our capabilities are [highlight, read with pride] guaranteed result! "

  • Words indicated in square brackets are not taken into account when calculating the cost of the order
  • Do not put pauses where there are punctuation marks
  • If there were no remarks in the assignment, the director's comments following the completion of the order are considered as a separate work


The average reading speed of the narrator, at which the balance between the ability to expressive reading and the comprehensibility of information is maintained, is 2 words per second. If you need the announcer to read faster or slower, indicate this in the director's remarks, providing an example / reference of the required reading style. Permissible deviations between the number of words and the required timing should not exceed 5-7%.
If the difference between the number of words and the required timing exceeds 5-7%, you should:

  • Indicate this in the back and ask the narrator to read as fast as possible. Please note that intonation and maximum reading speed are incompatible.
  • If you need to fit the text into a limited timing or fit certain phrases to timings and you cannot do it yourself, add the appropriate “synchronization” option to the order.

Dubbing and sync

It is possible to downgrade or synchronize narration to an existing video in the following cases:

The client provides timecodes for arranging games on a timeline and with a specified duration. Timecode example:

0:05 - 0:09
What is the main idea behind the project?
0:50 - 0:52
Simply about your technology
1:42 - 1:44 am Will the project succeed and why?
2:43 - 2:45 am What is your expenditure budget?

Note that it is the client's responsibility to ensure that the timings provided are correct. If you are not sure about the synchronization of the translation, the correspondence between the duration of the target and the original languages, order preliminary timing correction and adaptive translation in our studio.

Work with the original video.

If you do not have timecodes, but only video and text for dubbing, you need to look at the task in more detail individually and look for possible solutions to the task.


2voiceover studio guarantees 100% high-quality and timely execution of all studio work according to the technical specification agreed with the client.

Warranty Period:
The warranty period for all types of services is 3 calendar days from the date of sending the finished material.
An exception may be the extension of the warranty for large types of work, such as audiobooks, upon prior agreement of the parties.
Corrections and edits:
Corrections and revisions are provided free of charge in accordance with the quality guarantee only if there are no changes in the original assignment.
Deadline for making changes:
Corrections and revisions are made in the shortest possible time and do not exceed the original deadlines for the original assignment.
Material storage periods:
  • Raw recordings (uncleaned voiceover files) are 6 months from the date of sending the work to the customer.
  • Finished works are stored for 12 months from the date of sending the work to the client.
  • Human factor:
    The human factor should always be taken into account when working with the studio's announcer catalog.
    • Political, ethical or religious views can influence the decision of a particular announcer when working on a particular assignment.
    • Sudden illness or other emergency circumstances may also affect the lead time for your order.
    • Refund Policy:
      Refunds are made in the following cases:
      • The order was not executed in accordance with the terms of reference. The announcer who fulfilled the order refuses to make changes or cannot fulfill in accordance with the TOR for objective reasons.
      • The voice-talent was unable to complete the order on time. Alternative options for replacing the speaker do not suit the client.
      • The narrator refused to work on the assignment. Alternative options for replacing the speaker do not suit the client.

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