Multilingual voice-over by native voice-talents

2voiceover agency provides services of native voice-actors in Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Georgian, Latvian, Armenian, Polish and many other languages. All our voice-talents are native speakers and have great experience in recording corporate narrations, e-learning projects, telephone messages, commercials and advertisements. More then hundred multilingual voice-talents are just within your hand’s reach at the 2voiceover studio!

Due to great amount of voice-actor provided in our catalogue – we always can ensue best possible price for our services and in most cases we can work withing client's budgets limits.

1. About the service
When preparing your scripts for voice-talent, use the services of only professional and certified interpreters . Native speaking voice-talents can refuse working with your script if the translation is not up to the mark. Note! Multilingual voice-talent fees are given only for the scripts not intended for broadcasting on radio or TV. Advertisement scripts for broadcasting are evaluated only after receiving the information on the name of the channel where the advertisement is to be broadcasted, its broadcast area and the period of broadcasting.

2. "FAQ" or "What you should know"
The voice-talent fee covers:
1. Recording a script up to 80 words long. If the script contains more than one name of a brand, service or promotion campaign to be advertised or more than one address or phone number, the voice-talent is entitled to a higher fee (the coefficient equals 2*).
2. One-time file coding into a required format.
3. Delivering the file of the whole voice-talent session.
*The script containing more than 80 words are charged separately by the voice-talent .

The service does not cover:
1. Removal of re-recordings, sighs, pauses, etc from the audio file.
2. Any voice-over file processing.
3. Arrangement of recording according to time codes, etc.
4. Superimposing the narrator’s voice on musical background and other studio works which can be ordered additionally.

3. Warranty
The warranty is valid for 5 calendar days since file delivery and covers re-recording free of charge the parts of the text containing errors or where the customer’s wishes concerning intonation have not been accounted for.

4. Translating or localizing scripts in foreign languages
According to our statistics only every 8th translation into a foreign language is high-quality and does not cause complaints from native voice-talents. In most cases, the customers who turn to us for localizing video in a foreign language, order translation from non-professional translators or translate themselves using automatic translation service. In this case native speakers have every right to refuse to work with such scripts. Besides, voice talent’s responsibilities do not include script correction or modification.

5. Correlation of text duration in the original and target language
The second mistake made by the customers is non-compliance of the text duration in the original and target languages. In most cases the studio task is to make the localization of video in another language. This job can be done properly only subject to the text equal duration in the initial and target languages.

6. Audio guides for foreign voice talents
Foreign voice talents can speak neither Russian nor Ukrainian and thus have problems with the pronunciation of proper names, abbreviations, trade names, etc. That is why they should be provided with sound tracks of these words. But even if the guides have been provided, a foreign voce talent will hardly be able to pronounce the words ideally.

7. Time-codes for localization in a foreign language
If the task of the studio is to arrange the script relative to visuals, the text for the foreign speaker should contain the timings of each sentence (its beginning and end) as well as the duration of each phrase.

8. Fees for foreign speakers
Foreign speakers’ fees are specified only for the scripts which are not intended for radio and TV broadcasts. Advertising texts for broadcasting are assessed only after receiving the certificate indicating the channel which hosts the video, its broadcast region and advertisement broadcast period.

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