Voicetalents of any gender, age and nationality

The studio's catalog contains the best voice talents from all over the world. Choose the required performer filtered according to necessary parameters and criteria. Available: native voice-talents, children's voices, impersonators and actors, women and men of all ages, timbres and moods. The fees range from the most inexpensive (budget) options to the VIP ones at the federal level. The archive of voices is regularly updated and replenished, so if you have not found the option you need, please contact us with a personal request.

Varieties and types of voice recording services

The basic voice recording service includes only the voice-talents work in the studio in front of the microphone according to the scenario previously agreed with the customer. Any further work with the voiceover raw file is performed by the customer himself or, if additional options are selected, by the studio. For more information on warranties and terms, please visit the Q&A page.

Objective and subjective directorial remarks

The studio guarantees 100% quality of work. All objective wishes and remarks are taken into account and implemented in full. However, it should be borne in mind that subjective comments are realized only in the way a particular narrator sees them.

How to use studio’s voice-talent pool

All samples from the 2voiceover studio catalog of narrator’s are available for free download and approval of the required delivery manner.

Selection of the required voice talent

Please note that the number of voices in the studio's catalog and their variety enables you to solve most dubbing tasks. To save your time searching for the right solution, contact us for a free consultation. The studio coordinators will be happy to help with the selection of the required voice based on the client's wishes, such as:

  • director's wishes (voice characteristics)
  • type of work to be done
  • budget within which to fulfil the task
  • deadlines for completing the task

If the decision on choosing the voice was taken by the customer, it is the customer who is responsible for it. The studio guarantees high-quality execution of the order in accordance with the voice talent's demo files provided on the site.

Formation of fee

Please note that the system automatically calculates the cost of any work, sums up the narrator's fee, indexing it in case of a large words number, additional options. However, it should be borne in mind that the cost estimate of the project and the timing of its completion are indicated only by the project coordinators. The final cost can be affected by such factors as the exchange rate, the changes in the speaker’s pricing policy, the text content. More detailed information is on the Q&A page.


By default, the cost of the basic voice recording service is given in the speaker’s catalogue. This service implies your further work with the file. If you need additional services besides recording the voice, use additional options.

Remote directing

99% of tasks for texts voice-over are performed with the help of remote directing. A detailed description of the application requirements is provided on the FAQ page. If the direct presence of the customer is required when the voice talent is working in the studio, we can ensure remote directing via Skype, phone, etc. The cost of this service and the participation of the selected talent in this work are negotiated individually.

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