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The most interesting facts about the Russian language Difficult work. Lip sync as a test. Part 2 How should the customer’s wishes be interpreted by a voice talent? Difficult work. Lip Sync as a test Interesting facts concerning ukrainian language Facts about Georgian language Russian and Ukrainian languages: what are the differences? Growing interest in the Russian language in the world What language was spoken in Kiev in prehistoric times? Introduction – excursus. Part 4 Loves? Does not love? Voice-talent and the voice. Peculiarities of the Ukrainian language The history of the Ukrainian language development What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian? Ukrainian language. History in making Why do foreigners need Russian? Why is the knowledge of Russian so important? What is the use of studying Russian? Russian and self-help. How to start audio books recording? Why do publishers decide to record a book? Voice-overs with female or female voices. Which is better? A local library as a source of audio books What is the most effective commercial's length on TV? Corporate video narration. On the other side of the screen How to understand each other. Voice-talents and customers Video and redio advertisement currency. What to put hope in? What is the most effective commercial length on TV? Why is it better to use the services of voice talents – freelancers? What can be the source of inspiration? In a tired voice-over talent at the end of the working day… Attempt number… Mineral resources are found everywhere Does the crisis affect advertising? How to survive in crisis? Circumstances dictate Which weapon is the most effective in fighting the crisis? Voices tuning. Indications for use If people vote “for” it means there is a demand On-hold message as a small step to a big victory Voice talents as suppliers of information Yesterday IVR cost only three dollars but today it rose to five. Why? Does the voice help a voice-talent in life? Obvious but incredible things in a voice talent everyday work What should be your prime concern: appearance? voice? speech? Gestures? Male voice-talents conquer people's hearts! On-hold messages - appropriateness of economy A song commercial – its advantages and risks Mother and father are professional narrators — and what about your child (part 2)? Audio commercial production, possible reasons for dissatisfaction Mother and father are professional narrators — and what about your child? On-hold messages – expectations and reality Thinking aloud Why is the ability of sight-reading so important? Why is it better for radio stations to work with voice talents – freelancers A song or vocal commercial A live-action audio commercial, a staged advertisement and their subtleties What does your microphone hear? Voiceovering Medical Scripts The word is silver but the silence is gold. Russian Voiceover for E-learning programs Russian female voice-over for the phone auto-responder. Voiceover recording for telephone Article. How well can the studio microphone reproduce the sound? Article. What makes your voice so special? Article. Underscoring your own voice Russian/Ukrainian voiceover for commercials Russain voiceover menu for banks On-hold messages in Russian and Ukrainian 12 qualities of a great Russian voicetalent

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