Video games voice-overs

Never before in the history of the Earth has there been so many different types of computer video games. Whether this is good or not is another question, but have you ever wondered whose voices the heroes speak in games? There is only one answer: the voices of professional voice-actors and voice-talents! Action style games, RPG, and even Quest cannot do without colorful and recognizable characters whose phrase can revive in the player the whole gamut of emotions. And the most important emotion is the desire to play your favorite game and share your feelings with your nearest and dearest.

Making voiceover for video games is one of the most exciting processes in studio work! This is an opportunity to "take a break" of the daily advertising routine and feel like a child again! The 2voiceover studio's extensive bank of voice talents allows you to easily select the voice that matches the desired character in the game. A free trial voice recording (casting of voices) is possible to ensure the full compliance with the desired character image.
The development of the domestic games industry allows manufacturers to enter international markets. At the service of computer graphics studios there is a database of professional voice talents and actors who speak foreign languages, including British and American dialects of English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese and many other languages.

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