eLearning Narrations

The development of new technologies inevitably brings about the need for specialists in various fields. As you know, people are not born specialists, they become specialists through their studies. And if in the past it was necessary to sign up for courses, get special education, the present day realities make it possible to master different skills on your own, and the most common way of studying is educational video lessons and eLearning projects. The effectiveness of such lessons depends to a large extent on high-quality voice-over and a properly selected voice talent.

The technology of creating an educational video voiceover is not much different from other similar studio works. It would be correct, of course, to initially create a sound track consisting in most cases only of the voiceover file. Musical background is not required in most cases. When we have the final audio track with a cleaned-up narrator's voice-over, skillfully placed logical pauses, the video placed over this track and synchronized with the key points will be taken by the viewer as a single whole and will provide the greatest benefit.

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