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Thai is the official language of Thailand. IT does belongs to the Thai group of the Thai-Kadai language family. Closest languages to it are Lao (Northeast Thailand, Laos), Shan (Eastern Burma), languages ​​of black and red Thais (Central Vietnam), Zhuang (Guangxi Province in China). Thai language and its dialects are used by several million people which live in neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, as well as in adjacent areas of southern China. In Thailand, there are four main dialects of the Thai language: central (Bangkok), northeastern (Icelandic), northern (lanna, khammaang, yuan) and southern. The central dialect, spoken in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok and in the valley of the Tyuphraya River, is the basis of the nationwide literary Thai language. It is taught in schools, television and radio on most channels, it is understood in all regions of the country. Other dialects differ from the central dialect by pronunciation and partly by vocabulary.
Our studio provides services only of native and professional voice-talents in Thai language.
  • Keep in mind that in case if you provide low quality translation, voice-talent can refuse to work with it.
  • All orders for voice-over job localization into Thai language must contain directions in Thai or English languages.
  • Always provide audioguides for all words that do not have origin in Thai language, words like names, acronyms, abbreviations ect. that will help voice-talent to understand how to voice-over certain word
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